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MetaBlogue is a premium publication for all the inspiring Bloggers and WordPress Enthusiasts. We cover a range of topics including WordPress, E-Commerce or Blogging Setup, Infrastructure tips and content marketing.


To provide a one stop solution for setting up online presence for yourself or your business.

WordPress is one of most used CMS across the internet and it is one of our preferred solution to connect with online world. We create different kind of sites with the help of WordPress ecosystem.

MetaBlogue not only covers WordPress ecosystem including WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins but also talks about customized solutions. This way you should be able to get any help needed to make sure you can create an impactful online presence.

Who is behind MetaBlogue?

sanjeev mohindra metablogue owner

MetaBlogue is founded by Sanjeev Mohindra.

If you are wondering who Sanjeev Mohindra is? I am a computer engineer who has worked extensively in building enterprise applications. MetaBlogue has been started as a hobby to share all the learning and solutions but has grown from there.

I have over 20 years of experience in developing software and working with WordPress for last 12 years. In these years, I have developed many successful sites and sold them with profit. I am currently focused on MetaBlogue to provide all my learnings for the readers.

I love cloud infrastructure and AWS is one of the great infrastructure solutions which can be used to setup your sites. At MetaBlogue, we extensively use and provide guidance for AWS Infrastructure usage.

If you have not checked our articles, then go ahead and check the tutorials for AWS LightSail.

What do we want to achieve with MetaBlogue?

As mentioned above, MetaBlogue is created with the intention of providing guidance and tutorials for creating online presence for people or business. Though there are many tools and service which can be used, we cover mostly tips related to WordPress.

Though, we do provide content in multiple formats including written, audio or video. You should have access to all different format to get all information available on MetaBlogue.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the videos tutorial and tips around managing your blogs.

We also have a podcast which talks about latest news and tips around SEO, Blogging or Marketing. You can subscribe the Blogging Monthly Podcast.

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Connect with us for anything

If you want to reach to MetaBlogue team, there are multiple ways to get our attention. You can reach to use on any of the social media channels or use our Contact Us form.

Guest Post

We do not accept guest post on this site unless it’s coming from an established site. You can drop a note and see if are willing to accept the guest post, but chances are, we will not.

WordPress Products

If you want us to review any WordPress themes or plugins, you can reach out to us. We do extensive hands-on reviews of WordPress products which means we would a way to test the product hands on.

Any Other Question?

Do you have any other question? You can use our contact form. We will see what we can do. We make sure that all the emails are replied but you can consider 2-4 days timespan for the reply.

You can also use Social Media Channels and reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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MetaBlogue is an online publication which covers WordPress Tips, Blog Management, & Blogging Tools or Services reviews.

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