Designrr Review – Easily Create eBooks For Lead Magnets

Designrr Ebook Creator - Convert Blog Post Into Ebooks

If you are planning to create an eBook or thinking to re-purpose your content, you should check this review of the Designrr eBook creator. Read the review till the end to get a cheap offer for Designrr Lifetime License.

Designrr Ebook Creator Review  - Convert Blog Post Into Ebooks

One of the most important methods for lead generation is offering something in return. Most of the bloggers use ebooks as a lead generation tool or increasing their email subscription rates.

Though, creating eBooks can be a time-consuming task, especially if you are not used to word processing. Or sometimes, you only want to re-purpose the content which you already have in text, audio or video format.

Microsoft Word or Apple Pages can create eBooks for you. You need to spend some time ​formatting your content and tailor content according to your book’s theme. Once done, you can easily export it as a PDF or convert it into eBooks. Though this will only work if your content is in text format, it will not support audio or video format.

Sometimes we need more than just converting text to ebooks like creating show-notes/posts from Podcast episodes or creating subtitles for the YouTube video. This is where Designrr services become useful.

Designrr Ebook Creator Review

Designrr is a cloud-based service which allows you to create an eBook from scratch or from existing sources. It is more of a content repurposing tool which can help you convert existing content into a good looking eBooks.

What Is Content Repurposing?

Content Repurposing is a technique where you can utilize the existing content to engage readers on multiple platform.

For Example, taking an existing post and converting it into a podcast episode, slideshow presentation, eBook is repurposing that content. This can help you gain more readers by increasing your reach to many different platform.

Does this work?

In Short, Yes It works. Here is a good post about the content repurposing from Neil Patel which talks about this this technique with data points, check it out.

Why should we look for eBook creation software?

If you can create eBooks with free software like Apple Pages on Mac or with easy to access Microsoft Word, why should we look for eBook creation software?

  • If a software can save you a lot of time, it’s definitely worth it.
  • A software can make the eBook updating process easy.
  • Support for creating eBooks From Audio Or Video files.
  • Take care of multiple eBook formats from a single project.

Creating eBooks is not a one-time thing. Time to time, you need to update your eBooks, add new information or delete obsolete information, etc. The software can make that easy by managing your eBooks as a project and make sure no other formatting issue happens because of your editing. You should just make your changes and regenerate the eBook.

It can also take care of multiple formats. You can distribute your eBooks on multiple platforms like Kindle, as a PDF, iBooks etc. Without a software, you need to create all different format and it should be done each time you modify anything in your eBook. A software should take of this thing and convert your content into all different formats.

I am using Designrr services for creating my eBooks or transcribing Podcast / YouTube episodes. The service started as an eBook Generator but has grown to become a multipurpose content repurposing tool.

Though Designrr does more work than creating eBooks, I will focus on the eBook creation service for this post. We will check if it can help in eBook creation and save some time in the process.

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How Does Designrr Works?

Designrr eBook Creation Service

Designrr allows you to import content from multiple different sources and formats it into PDF or Kindle eBooks. The content source can be a post, Facebook Post, Any page on the internet, Word Document, Audio or a Video file. For Audio and Video file, it transcribes​ and create editable text which can be downloaded or converted into a PDF.

It also allows you to write your eBook from scratch in the tool. So if you do not have the content, you can still use the template provided by Designrr and create your eBooks.

It can also be a good source of content repurposing if you host a YouTube channel or Podcast. You can use the Designrr service and generate a transcription to post it along with your Podcast or YouTube video.

So Let’s take a look how we can generate a eBook easily with any existing source.

Create a New eBook Project

First, let’s take a look at import from existing sources. If you have any word document, PDF or blog posts which you want to convert into an eBook, you can use this service.

Designrr eBook Creator New Project Screen

Designrr allows you to import the content from multiple different sources including Facebook Posts, Word, PDF, or any URL. On a standard license, it is limited to URL, Word, and Facebook.

Once you select the source, you will be asked some more details about it and it will load the content into your ebook.

Load existing content from a source

The true power of an eBook creator lies in taking multiple sources and format them according to your eBook theme. Once, you have loaded one source, you can add more content by adding additional source. This will keep appending the new content to your eBook.

eBook Templates

Once your content is loaded, you will have to choose from many pre-created templates. There are over 200+ templates available including two-column templates.

Designrr ebook creator book templates

Just select the template and your content will be loaded in a specific format to create an eBook in seconds.

That’s how easy to create a eBook with Designrr tool but can you ship your eBook like this?

The answer will be “No” in 99.9% of cases. If you have the complete content ready and formatted while loading, then you can just check the page break before exporting the eBook.

Otherwise, you have to look into the text formatting, breakups, include images, branding, and other things before shipping that eBook.

So you need to spend some time on the eBook editor to format it correctly before you can export your eBook.

If you don’t have existing content, you can select start from scratch option and select the theme. This will load the empty theme in the editor and you can add your content.

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Edit Your eBook With Designrr

Designrr eBook Creator has an online editing functionality that allows you to edit and format your eBook. Let’s take a look at the eBook editor and see how it works.

Designrr divides the complete eBook into block pieces like a page, paragraph, statement, etc. You can edit each block and change the looks and layout accordingly.

So while making changes make sure you are selecting the correct block. For Example – changes on Page will affect each paragraph on the page, etc. You can override those settings on the paragraph block.

Designrr eBook Editor Screen

Here are some of the important areas of online editor

  1. Currently Selected Zone.
  2. Themes Section For eBook Theme.
  3. Overall Project Settings to control the workspace.
  4. Hover controls, based on the selected blocks.
  5. Save Option to save the current progress.

Editor Views

There are two other views which are important – Elements and Inspector.

Elements – It allows you to add elements to your eBooks like Call to action, Table of Contents, Image Grids, Videos, Column Layouts, etc. You also have an option to save any customized elements so that you can easily refer them back.

Inspector – inspector allows fine-grain control for each element. It will show the customization option based on the selected element. Some of the controls will be visible in the hover menu also.

Inspector Window in Designrr Online Editor

Once you start editing, you just need to add pages and set the layout accordingly. You have access to different elements like Divider, Labels, Paragraphs, Images, etc to create a layout you want for the eBook.

Each element comes with a complete set of settings like background, shadow, text alignment, padding, border, etc which is accessible from the hover menu or Inspector.

Once you add additional elements on the page, you can use a re-paginate button that can rearrange the whole eBook. This way you don’t need to manage the space across your eBook.

You can also include additional blog posts with an Import Content element. Just drop that element in your project to see an additional popup for importing the content. You can import the content from any URL, Google Docs, Word Document, or PDF.

Import Article Manually Into Existing Ebook


Designrr eBook creator comes with two type of CTA, inline or regular. You can easily add those from elements panel to your eBook.

There are many options available to format your CTA’s. You can include images, heading, button, label etc.

As soon as you drop the CTA on the page, you will get a pre-defined CTA format which you can update. You can also add additional elements to create different layouts.

This is one of the handy features of Designrr and if you are using their services for lead generation, you will appreciate this.

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Designrr eBook Creator Plans

Designrr service plans are aligned based on how you want to utilize the service. Audio or Video transcribe services are included in higher plans since many bloggers will only be looking to convert existing articles to an eBook.

There are 4 available plan – Standard, Pro, Premium and Business. A separate plan is offered for Agencies. First two plans are good for the people who are only looking content repurposing. Last two plans add a audio transcription service on top of content repurposing.

Standard Plan

The standard plan comes with 1 user and 100 free eBook templates. The limitation includes no support for any other format excluding PDF and no 3D ebook covers.

This plan is good if you want to offer the eBooks as lead generation goodies on your blog and use other services for generating eBook covers.

You have to download the PDF and edit in outside tools to convert it for Kindle or iBooks. This means another formatting effort and it defeats the purpose of having a tool in the first place. If you want to do that, check Pro and Business license.

The only reason to buy this plan is if you are looking for a tool to create PDF eBooks and not good with formatting techniques in Word or Pages. This tool might feel very simple compare to menu options and other shortcodes in Word or Pages.

If you are planning to buy this, you can use this offer of $27 one-time payment for lifetime standard license of Designrr eBook creator. This way you can get the lifetime standard license for as low as one month fee.

$27 One Time Payment

Grab the Lifetime Standard licence of Designrr Ebook Creator at a price of $27. No recurring payments ever, just use the product and build your eBooks easily.

More Less

Pro Plan

Pro plans include unlimited books with 1 user and 200+ project templates. It also allows you to export your project as Kindle or Mobi eBooks. You also get features like eBook cover design, 3D cover generation, Flipbook Generator, etc.

3D cover generation is one of the good small tools which can help you generate displayable images for your signup forms. You would usually need to use an external tool or pay someone to get this done, with the pro plan you can do it right from Designrr.

Designrr 3D Cover Image Generator

This tool allows you to generate the 3D image as paperback or hardcover. They also have many different mockups which include devices like smartphones or tablets, so you can generate many different images with the same cover image. Just download the image and create your subscription forms.

The only downside of this plan is cost. If you are not actively writing eBooks and utilizing the service, you will not justify the cost of this plan. I would still suggest to start with Standard Plan with lifetime subscription and test the service before upgrading to this plan.

Get Pro License

Premium Or Business Plan

These plans are most expensive and most comprehensive. It includes everything which Designrr has to offer along with audio transcription service.

I would not recommend going with this plan until unless you are a Podcaster or Vlogger and planning to use audio transcription services.

The only difference between these plan is number of hours offered for transcribing service. So take a pick according to your need.

Get Agency License

In Conclusion,

So here you go, I only recommend Standard license with the one-time payment offer. Other plans are not for regular people and will not help much in case you create eBooks once in a while.

If you are a writer and looking a tool to format your ebooks, you can check pro license. Premium or Business licence are only useful for the the people who has a either a YouTube channel or Podcast and want to use the audio transcribe service.

So, go ahead and take a pick of Designrr eBook Creator plans based on your need.

Designrr eBook Creator Editor Rating
8.3 / 10 Editor's Score
  • Easily Convert existing into eBooks
  • Multiple eBooks Templates
  • Multiple Export Format Support
  • 3D Cover Generation Tool
  • Higher learning Curve
  • Editing Process can be error prone
  • No trial version but 30-day no-question refund
Designrr can take some time to understand and learn the eBook creation process. Once you understand the working, you can create your eBooks easily with this tool. Voice transcribe service makes it easy to generate show notes for Podcasts or Videos.
Ease Of Use
Trial Version

General FAQs About Designrr

Here are some of the general FAQs which should help you understand the usage of Designrr.

What is Designrr?

Designrr is an eBook or lead creation tool that allows you to create eBooks from existing sources. You can convert your blog posts / Facebook Posts / Word Docs etc into beautiful looking eBooks and export it into multiple different eBooks format.

Does Designrr have word processing capabilities like Microsoft Word?

Designrr can edit the text and have options to format the text according to your eBook’s layout. But the power of Designrr is reformatting the existing document into good looking eBooks. So rather than typing your text directly into Designrr, I would suggest creating the Word document before importing it into Designrr.

How Many Different eBook Designs are available in Designrr?

Designrr provides over 200 pre-designed eBook layouts. You will have access to the number of layouts based on the plan you are using. Pro plan provides access to all the templates to create eBooks.

What kind of eBooks can be created with Designrr?

Designrr can export the eBook in PDF, MOBI (For Kindle Books), or EPUB format. You can also create a Flipbook and get an embed code to easily add that to any webpage.

What are the alternatives for Designrr?

There are few alternatives available for Designrr which can help you create eBooks or PDFs like Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Calibre, Scrivener, Affinity Publisher, Sqribble, and Adobe InDesign.

Can I convert a PDF to EPUB format with Designrr?

Yes, Designrr can be used to convert PDF to EPUB format. You can import a PDF and check the content alignment. Make any correction if needed and export it as EPUB.

Does Designrr offer any Lifetime Deal?

Yes, Designrr offer lifetime deal on the standard plan where you can buy lifetime standard license at $27. Check the deal here.

Social Snap Review – A Social Media Plugin To Replace Social Warfare

Social Snap WordPress Plugin Review

Social Snap is a WordPress plugin to provide complete Social Media management for your site. If you are looking to buy it, here is a detailed review of the features and services of the plugin.

Social Snap WordPress Plugin Review

A few weeks back, one of my friends introduced me to a new WordPress social media plugin – Social Snap. I already own Monarch and Social Warfare so I was not looking for any new addition in this segment but thought of giving it a try considering the 30-days money-back guarantee.

Within a span of a few weeks, it has replaced both the plugins and becomes my go-to social media solution for WordPress sites.

Last time, I have published a comparison of Monarch and Social Warfare, which covers both of those plugins in detail. So I am not going to cover those here, you can refer that post if you want to see how Social Snap compares to them.

Social Snap Review

Social Snap is a complete WordPress social media solution that adds most of the required functionality to the WordPress site. This category has too many plugins that are competing with each other like Social Warfare, Monarch, AddThis, etc.

In this overcrowded space, Social Snap is able to hold its own by bundling additional functionalities as Addons. This WordPress Plugin comes with basic functionalities and can be enhanced to add other functionalities on a need basis with Addons.

To know the basic features and its comparisons with other social media plugins, keep reading. I will also cover some of the Addons which I am using. Otherwise, you can check the plugin at the official site.

Check Plugin

Social Snap Features

This plugin bundles most of the useful features from multiple plugins. This makes sure that you will get most of the important features and don’t have to look for multiple solutions.

In the post, I will also add some brief details about how this plugin compares with Social Warfare or Monarch. For more details please refer to the detailed comparison post mentioned above.

Social Media Sharing Buttons

One of the basic tasks of a social media plugin is to display the social media sharing buttons on the pages. This plugin does that work with ease.

There are almost 30 different social networks that are available to be displayed on your post and pages. You can select the networks and define the order in which the buttons will be displayed.

Available Social networks in Social Snap Plugin

Once you have defined the networks, you need to define what type of social media buttons you want to display on your site. There are 5 different types of social media buttons that you can display with this plugin – Inline, Hub, Floating, Sticky Bar, and On Media Buttons.

You can display all of them together or decide which ones you want to display. I like the hub implementation which is a bit unique then Social Warfare or Monarch. It can be plugged in to display on the desktop version of your site at the bottom right or left corner.

Each type has specific settings that allow you to customize the display. Like for Inline Buttons, you can define shapes and sizes. The design of the buttons is responsive which means they will display correctly on any screen size.

Social Snap Inline Media Buttons Shape and Size

You can also enable the on Media buttons like Pinterest on the images. This will make sure users can easily share your images on social media.

You can even create specific combinations like Inline buttons and Share Hub on Desktop site, Inline buttons and Sticky Bottom bar on the Mobile version. This will make sure your users are able to interact with your site according to the device they are using.

So overall the plugin has enough flexibility to display the social share button easily on your site.

Social Media Meta Tags

Social Snap also adds all the required social media tags on the site header so that your site can display correctly on the social media pages.

It also works well with the other SEO plugins like Yoast to display the complete meta tags on your site. Your tags will be added only once.

Social Media Meta Data Settings

You can also define some of the basic settings for Social Media Meta Data like Twitter username, Facebook Page, etc. These settings work in conjunction with the settings defined in Yoast.

There is nothing new in here, Social Warfare or every other social plugin does this work.

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Automatic Sharing Count Update

Social Snap supports the automatic sharing count updates from multiple networks. You can display the total share count or individual share count to boost your social media stats.

There are no specific settings to define the update schedule but the inbuilt algorithm is good. It works with post published date as most of the updates can be predicted based on that.

Usually, your newly released posts get most of the shares. So, posts published less than a day ago get refreshed every hour. Any posts published less than 5 days get updates every 6 hours, other posts get updated every 5 days.

The schedule should be good enough for most of the sites and they also have a button to force share count update sitewide. If you have too many articles, I would not recommend using that option. It might slow the next page load on your site but can update counts after any major changes.

Share Count Recovery

Like Social Warfare, this plugin can also recover your social share count from domain change or SSL update.

Share Count Recovery From Domain Migration

You just need to enter some of the basic settings and it can recover most of the stats from social networks. Mostly the settings are to reflect the changes in the URL structure so the plugin can build the old URL structure.

Once you define it correctly it can fetch stats for old and new URLs for a single page.

I have changed the SSL status of this blog and recovered my stats with the help of Social Warfare. So, I didn’t need to use their recovery method until now.

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Social Media Follow Buttons

Social Snap allows you to display the social media follow buttons either in a widget or a Gutenberg block. You can also use shortcodes to display the buttons at any location of your site.

Social Media Follow Widget Output

WordPress Administrator can define social media connection in the plugin setting screen and basic design element for the social follow buttons.

You have full control over the colors and layout to define the output according to your site design. The plugin automatically syncs the followers count from most of the social media networks. So once you set it up, there is no need to worry about it again.

In comparison, Social Warfare does not offer this functionality. Monarch has a similar capability which allows you to display social followers.

Click To Tweet Box

Social Snap comes with inbuild Click To Tweet Box functionality. The good thing is that it uses the same shortcode as Social Warfare.

So if you are migrating from Social Warfare, you will not feel any difference. Your site will continue to work and keep displaying the Click To Tweet Boxes.

There are 6 different style click boxes that can be selected from the settings screen. You can set the default layout on the settings and change the individual box layout from the Gutenberg editor.

Here is an example of a Tweet box, go ahead and share the tweet to check the functionality.

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Social Media Stats

Social Snap takes a different approach to social media stats across your website. It allows you to include the UTM tracking to your social media shares so that it can be tracked in Google Analytics.

UTM Tracking will allow you pinpoint traffic coming from social media in Google Analytics. You can filter the traffic according to your tracking keyword and know how well they are performing.

Share Stats For The Site

You also get beautiful stats page on the site which allows you to check some of the parameters like total share and last week stats.

The page can be used to track general matrics about how the shares buttons are used and detail tracking can be found in Google Analytics. These stats should give you an idea about how the share buttons are used on your site.

Social Warfare Settings & Data Import

One of the worries of changing Social Media Plugin is already accumulated share counts. I was using Social Warfare before moving to Social Snap and would like to retain all the social media share counts.

This plugin makes it very easy to import the settings and data from Social Warfare. You just have to go to Advanced -> Plugin Migration to import the settings and data.

Social Snap Migration From Social Warfare

I was able to set the plugin under 5 min with the help of import Social Warfare settings. All the settings were migrated along with complete share count data for every post.

One important point is to make sure you do not delete Social Warfare before migrating the data. Just deactivate the Social Warfare plugin and import the data in Social Snap.

Once done, you can delete the Social Warfare plugin after verifying the migration.

Check Plugin

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Optional Addons

This is where Social Snap set itself apart from other social media plugins like Social Warfare and Monarch. There are 3 different Addons which offers additional functionality for the users – Social Login, Boost Old Posts, and Social Auto Poster.

Many WordPress Admins use different tools for these services so they are not bundled with the base plugin. But, if you want to use those Addons, you can but the license with Addons and use these services.

Boost Old Posts

This optional add-on adds the functionality to revive the old blog posts automatically by sharing them on social media.

Considering recent changes to Facebook APIs, the addon works with Twitter and LinkedIn at this time. For Facebook Pages, you need to look for other solutions.

I use SocialBee to boost my old post along with other social media postings. But if you only want to target Twitter and don’t want to pay anything extra, this can be a good add-on.

You have additional settings like age factor to define old posts, how many posts should be published each day, hashtags addition, etc. It also adds a meta box for each post so that you can easily customized individual posts.

Social Login

This optional add-on allows users to sign-in with their social media account on your site. So if you want to provide additional login options for your users, you can install this add-on.

Login Option Buttons Added By The Plugin

Currently, the add-on supports the login via social media networks Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You need to individually set up the networks and the login options can be enabled.

Having this plugin do most of the work will improve your productivity in blogging. Set a login page easily with the shortcode which will display the login button or the logged-in user information.

Social Auto Poster

This is similar to Boost Old Post which allows you to define the networks and post automatically for the newly published posts.

It supports automatic posting on Twitter and LinkedIn networks. You will also get a meta box on the post editing page to define the social media message and hashtags.

There are few more addons is in the work which will be released soon. They have already promised the below two addons –

Social Content Locker – To lock the content behind social media share buttons.

Facebook Messanger Chat – Allow users to directly contact through Facebook messenger.

I will update the post once these addons are released.


Social Snap comes in the free and paid version. Free version is available in the WordPress repository with a limited feature set. This can be a good way to test the basic features of the plugin.

Pro version adds more social networks, automatic share count, share count recovery and other features mentioned above. Paid licenses are split across 3 versions depending on the number of sites and addons.

If you just want the sharing plugin without any addons, you can go for Plus version. Agency version gives 15 sites with all the addons.

Let me know if you need any more information about the Social Snap WordPress Plugin. Below is the link for both free and paid version, go check it out.

Get Free Version Get Pro Version

Overall Rating:

Social Warfare Vs Monarch – Which is Better Social Share Plugin?

Elegant Themes Monarch Vs Social Warfare WordPress Plugins

Social Warfare and Monarch are two of the most accomplished Social share plugins for WordPress. I have been extensively using both of them on my sites for my social sharing setup. Lets check what they offer and how they stack up against each other.

Elegant Themes Monarch Vs Social Warfare WordPress Plugins

Social Warfare is sold by Warfare Plugins team, where Monarch is a creation of Elegant Themes. Both does the basic job of a social share plugin very well but differ in some places in terms of what they offer.

Let me warn you upfront that this post is going to be long because I am going to discuss both the plugin in great detail. So if you are looking for specific information use the TOC to jump to right section.

1. Display Flexibility
2. Social Share Count Accuracy
3. Social Network Metadata Integration
4. Recover Social Count After URL Change
5. Social Follow Icons
6. Social Analytics
7. Tweet Boxes
8. Widgets
9. Support
10. Price
11. Final Words

You can get the Social Warfare Premium edition from here and Monarch from here.

Display Flexibility

Both the plugin does this job perfectly, they do offer good options with responsive design. You can select the location of the fixed social share buttons and enable floating social share buttons.

Mobile Design

On mobile display Social Warfare looks better as it gets shrink to a row size and create a good look.

Monarch create one-two buttons per row but if you have 3-4 buttons, it will take 2-3 rows, which takes a lot of space on Mobile. So I feel Social Warfare does this job better.

Social Warfare Vs Monarch Mobile Layout

Floating Icon Triggers and Location

Now If you enable the floating buttons, you can control the location and design of those floating buttons. I have had an issue with Social Warfare with this. I wanted to enable Floating button at the bottom once fixed button is out of site but does not want it on mobile.

Social Warfare does not support it, if you enable bottom location for the floating button it will be shown on desktop and mobile. Bottom section is a premium spot on mobile and on some of my blogs, I use it to provide live offers from Amazon, so I have to display floating button on side with mobile display off.

I have created an issue with Social Warfare team and they have added it to their feature list. Hopefully it will be updated later in the year, I will update the post once they will correct this.

Monarch have so many options and trigger points that you can set it up as you want. They do have a option to enable a pop-up after comments, so someone who has just commented on your blog will be more inclined to share the post. I feel Monarch does this job better.

Pinterest Integration

Both the plugin supports social icon integration on Media but Social Warfare does it better with exclusive Pinterest support for images.

Monarch displays all the selected social icon on the image which you may not want. I like Social Warfare exclusive approach better than Monarch.

WhatsApp Integration

Though it’s very easy to share anything on WhatsApp on any platform but sometimes showing a specific icon can trigger that activity.

Social Warfare does offer a WhatsApp integration and icon will be shown only on the mobile device. Your desktop version will not have WhatsApp icon, so you can enable it without worry.

Monarch does not offer an integration with WhatsApp.

Social Share Count

This is a place where they differ little bit and use Facebook and Twitter API differently.

Monarch brings only the share count from Facebook and Social Warfare brings the complete activity count. So if your post get lot of likes, it will not be counted with Monarch but will be counted with Social Warfare. So their social count with Facebook will not match.

Now both approaches are ok as long as you are clear what is shown and you are fine with it. None of them offer an customisation to choose what you want to display and I feel that it’s a miss.

For Twitter its a different story, Twitter API only give activity count for past 1 week. So Monarch keeps accumulating your activity count on your blog, where Social Warfare uses a count service from

I have found newsharecounts to be correct but you have to go and manually add your blog to their free service.

Social Count Caching

Social Warfare does cache its count and does not add much to page loading speed. They have Advanced cache triggering mechanism and legacy cache mechanism while page loading, you can select it in the admin panel. I prefer Advanced Cache Triggering Mechanism as it does not add anything on the page loading time.

Monarch however does the work on page load, so your counts gets updated as and when your page are loading. This means that it will add some time to your page load, though the calls are made asynchronously but it’s still an extra work. There dev team is looking into it and they might change that in near future.

At this point of time, I prefer Social Warfare approach for both getting the count and caching it.

Social Network Metadata Integration

This is another important stuff which allows your content to be shared correctly with social network.

You need to add Twitter Card metadata and Facebook Open Graph tag to your sites, so that these network can pick up your content correctly.

Most of the Blog owner use Yoast SEO, which can add those metadata to your post. Social Warfare can integrate with Yoast and make sure all the cards are coming correct. They only create one set of cards without any other setting, which I like a lot.

Most of the time they will fall back on Yoast but in case for any specific post you need to change the data, you can do it at the post edit screen. They have more advanced support than Yoast SEO, so you can decide how you want to project your post on social network.

Monarch does not have metadata integration support. So Social Warfare seems to be a clear winner for this category.

Recover Social Share With Social Warfare

This is something unique but a very specific need for many blog owners. You have run your blog on http for past many years but now because of new guidelines, you want it to move to https.

One major drawback is that most of the social network treats http and https differently. So as soon as your blog moves to https, they start treating all of your url as new pages and start the sharing counter from zero. Which means all of your posts will have share count as zero and will start accumulating again.

For some of them it will be fine but many blog owners will have a problem with that. There will be posts which have accumulated hundreds or thousand shares, suddenly all of them will lose their social authority.

Social Warfare allows to recover from this situation, not only that, you can even recover from a domain name change.

I have moved my blog from http to https, as google wants more and more transactions over secured channel and lost all my social share counts. Monarch was not able to anything for this situation so I have went ahead and installed Social Warfare.

How To Recover

This setting is only applicable for a premium version, so you won’t be able to use it if you are running free version.

Setting the recovery is very simple, you just need to define the earlier URL format and current URL format.

If you have only moved from http to https, you can marked everything as unchanged and set earlier protocol as http. Just enable this setting and Social Warfare should recover your stats.

I have enabled the setting and waited for few days before checking my stats, I used one of my post which has a good number of shares before. This is how it was looking:

Social Warfare Before update

When I go to to check the stats, I can see the following numbers:

Shared Count For The Post

Now that itself was a proof that social share recovery is not working.

When I started to look for more details, I have found a way to test the setting to make sure if its working correctly from Warfare Plugin’s help guide.


The way it recover social count, is by creating two url for the post – new and old. It try to get the stats for both and adds them together to display on the post.

To check what is the previous url is getting used, you can append the below query part to the url. This should give the old URL and refreshed count on the post.


Once I added it to my post url and reloaded the page, I got my social count back for that post.

Now, I am not sure why it has not worked automatically but it is able to recover my social counts for this blog.

Social Warfare After Update

One thing to remember is Twitter counts are getting fetched from, so if your old URL was not getting tracked there, you will not be able to get your Twitter counts back.

Thats what happen to my blog also, I have started tracking my blog after I installed Social Warfare and lost my earlier share counts from Twitter.

But overall I like this feature and it can be very useful if you are planning to move to https.

Social Follow Icons

Social Warfare does not support display of social follow icons where Monarch provides a good way to display them.

Monarch allows you to select the networks and wherever applicable, it will fetch the followers count automatically.

Most of the icon design customisation is in place, so you can change the look of the icons. The only thing which I didn’t find is support for Apple News icon, I have placed a suggestion to them and hopefully it will be added in near future.

This is something which I have missed with Social Warfare and forced to use another plugin to show Social Follow icons. I have contacted Warfare Plugins team and they are planning to add this functionality later in this year.

Once the social warfare update will be out, I will compare and update the post but till than Monarch is winning in this section.

Tweet Boxes

This is something which Social Warfare provides but there is no support in Monarch.

Social Warfare provides an ability to customise the tweet text for a post, it allows you to add a custom tweet in between the post. User can click and tweet those custom tweets.

They also give pre-build 5-6 themes and a custom option to define your own tweet box. It’s a handy way to lure your readers to share your content.

Tweet box is compatible with most of the feed readers and users can use it to tweet. For Apple News it will be skipped, so you can still use it if you are publishing your blog post to Apple news platform.

Social Analytics

This is a place where both plugins try to do work differently. Monarch takes a route of providing all the stats inside the WordPress install where Social Warfare integrates with Google Analytics.


Monarch provides a stats panel under Tools menu where you can check your social share stats. It also accumulates post level stats and will show them in edit post screen.

You can check the number of shares, which network are getting most shares, share pattern across time span and most shared posts. It misses to capture the engagement section of those shares as it just trying to capture how many shares have happened.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare on the other hand outsource the Analytics thing to Google Analytics with the addition of source and campaign parameters. The benefit with that is you actually get lot more information as you can check how many visit has happened because of those shares, how the user are engaging with your content.

I like Social Warfare approach more in terms of Analytics support as it can give lot more informative deductions.

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Both plugin comes with a handful of widgets.

Monarch offer Social Follow Widget and a shortcode support for social media icons.

Social Warfare provides Top Shared Post widget with multiple themes and shortcode support for manual placement of the social icons.

I like the Social Warfare: Top Shared Post Widget, it gives a lot of exposure to your socially linkable content. Monarch does not come with that widget though it has the counts to showcase those posts.

I prefer Social Warfare on the Widget section.


I have used the support for both the plugin and found not much difference. They both take 1-2 days to respond and provide adequate support to solve your issue.

Elegant theme has a support plugin which can be used for when they need access to your blog admin panel. I found that to be a more secured and clear approach to offer support.


Both WordPress plugin comes with a yearly renewable licence fees.


Monarch is part of Elegant Themes package and there is no way to get it alone. You need to subscribe the complete Elegant Themes package at $89 yearly.

Though it’s not as bad as it sounds, you get to use the plugin on unlimited sites. You will get all plugins from Elegant Themes, which is Bloom (List Building Plugin), Divi Builder (Landing Page Building Plugin) and all the WordPress themes.

They also have an option to pay one time fee to skip this yearly renewable licence. If you are planning to use it on multiple site, you can look to use that option.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare also comes with a yearly renewable licence but the licence cost vary based on number of sites. Their 1 site package cost $29, which is much cheaper considering the Elegant Themes yearly cost.

There 10 site yearly licence cost is same as Elegant Themes one time fee with lifetime updates. So if you have only 1-2 sites, social warfare comes down cheap but if you are looking for multiple sites Monarch can be a way to go.

Social Warfare has a free option also, so if you do not care about Google Analytics integration, Post customisation, Pinterest Integration with limited Social Network support, you can try that.

Final Words

Both plugins are good in specific areas but I prefer Social Warfare because of its ability to handle your share layout effectively.

If I am looking for a solution for 1-2 sites, I will defiantly go with Social Warfare. The only problem is that as the number of site increases, the cost goes up and here Monarch can save you some cost. So if you are looking for 5-10 site licence, I would suggest to go with Monarch.

You can get the Social Warfare Premium edition from here and Monarch from here.

Hope this post will help you decide between Social Warfare and Monarch WordPress Plugins. If you still have some questions, contact me or ask your question in the comment section.