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7 Best Form Builder Plugins For WordPress To Create Interactive Forms

Websites needs forms to interact with their users. If you can look for best Form builder plugins for WordPress, here is what you can get for your website.

Social Warfare Pro WordPress Plugin

Every website needs forms to interact with their users in one way or another. If you can look for best Form builder plugins for WordPress, here is what you can get for your website.

Best Form Builder Plugins For WordPress To Create Online Forms

With the rapid increase of globalization and digitalization, all kinds of businesses have moved to the online platform in the form of a website. One of the core requirements for any website is user interaction. Forms plays a significant role in that, you can allow your readers to contact you or provide feedback, related business to reach out for collaboration, or users to subscribe for exclusive content.

Specifically, wherever you want your users to enter some information and act, it’s a form. You can easily achieve those things with some of the best form builder plugins for WordPress.

Best Form Builder Plugins For WordPress

Form Builder plugin allows you to easily create forms and display on your website. You can keep track of the actions, take payments, or receive interest from your readers. And the most crucial element of a website is the contact form.

So, no more banging your head for the perfect plugin for WordPress as this article will help you choose the best form builders for WordPress.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Plugin For WordPress

Everything comes with a cost, but when it comes to Contact Form 7, it is not the same. Contact Form 7 is completely free and is also one of the oldest plugins in WordPress. It does have a handful audience even though it lacks visual free form builder. Though name suggest it as a contact form builder, but you can use it to build all kind of forms on your site.

It one is rated as one of the best forms of builders that are easy to use and implement. The themes and plugins that it offers are creative. All you need to do is to select the one that suits you the best and enjoy an interactive look of your website.

You can enhance the look and functionality of the plugin with the help of optional paid add-ons. Adding option to accept payment or automation software integration can be done with subscriptions of the add-ons. You only need to subscribe of the functionality you need on your site, which might save some money in case you need only few Add-ons.


  • It needs some exposure to coding and setting options due to lack of visual editor.
  • It can provide spam protection by integrating the form with Google reCaptcha.
  • The various form fields like radio buttons, textbox, checkboxes can be added.
  • It does have third-party add on available for added functionality. However, the plugin website doesn’t have the add on directory.
  • Since it is free, the Contact Form 7 can be installed in as many sites as possible.

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WPForms WordPress Plugin For Creating Forms and Surveys

Even if you don’t have your hands dirty on coding, you don’t have to worry because no prior knowledge of coding is required to use WPForms. It is extremely easy to use WPForms starting from the professionals to the noobs.

It’s a good visual drag-n-drop form builder which can be used by anyone. Moreover, WPForms has a huge fan base, so with such remarkable popularity, it is always the best of the options you have. The easy-to-use visual builder allows you to create all kind of forms.

Basic plan is good enough for simple forms on your site, though it offers unlimited forms and submission. If you need more advanced features like email subscription, payment, automation software integration, you can look for higher plans.

Creating forms in your website helps in connecting with the users who visit your page. You can easily get to know their details and then pitch them in the future for any deals and sales.


  • It is a drop by dragging builder which has pre-built form templates and where the specified fields can be modified as per the requirement.
  • The forms on your WordPress site can be customized using the visual builder.
  • WPForms come in a free and a premium version. The free version is also known as WPForms Lite which provides the feature of drop by dragging builders.
  • Various customized signup forms can be made with the integration of email marketing services.
  • An automatic email notification is generated when forms are filled or not filled, making it easier to keep a work pace.
  • The forms can be connected to Zapier for the integration of various web apps with the form.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Form WordPress Plugin Official Site Screenshot

Formidable Forms is the best choice to provide a responsive environment to valuable customers. It can be used to many kinds of interactive forms for your customers including Contact, Payment, Survey, Feedback etc.

The plugin comes with drag and drop form builder which supports most of the input fields. They are easy to make and offer a creative look. The users get attracted to the looks and enjoy filling them and being a part of your webpage.

One of the cool features of the Formidable Forms is the integrated views which allows you to display submitted entries. So, if you are creating a directory or list of your readers, your readers can enter the data and it can be displayed in a nice readable format. You can even show progress bar for your multi-page forms to keep your users updated.


  • Formidable Forms comes with the free version which has limited features as well as a premium version which has additional features.
  • It has drag-n-drop visual builder with various fields with the addition of branded styling.
  • It also provides spam protection and generates automatic responsive emails.
  • The various features like color, border, margins can be changed without any former knowledge of coding.
  • Formidable forms have unlimited forms with pre-defined form layouts.

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Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

For all the advanced users, Gravity Forms can be put into consideration. Gravity forms is a paid form builder plugin of WordPress with various advanced features. You can easily build complex multi-page forms with this plugin easily.

The WordPress plugin doesn’t only allowed to fill forms but can also be used to build surveys or quiz on your WordPress site. It also comes with many add-ons which can enhance the functionality of the plug-ins. The add-ons are available based on the your license. You can get add-ons for accepting payments or registration forms for your site.

The plugin is very versatile and can be used for many different use cases including digital goods selling. This is one of the plug-ins which can suffice the need for any WordPress webmaster. So if you have that need and looking for a solution which can be used across different use cases go ahead with gravity forms.


  • It has a drag and drop builder with some additional features.
  • Multiple Add-ons which can enhance the functionality.
  • Ability to accept payments with integration with different payment services.
  • The main limitation of Gravity forms is it does not have a free version that makes it a little expensive.

Jetpack Forms

JetPack WordPress Plugin With Additional Functionality

If you are as wise as an owl and want to make a wise choice of the free best form builder, then Jetpack Form is just the one for you. Jetpack Form is an extremely popular plugin suite that was built by the team behind WordPress.

If you only need contact form or payment form with basic looks, you can use this as it is one of the most common types of forms used by WordPress users. They are easy to create and integrate with site with Gutenberg blocks. If you need visual customization, you need to use CSS modifications. May not be comfortable for everyone.

Basic contact form is free, and you can buy a premium subscription to accept payment on your site. Though, it will be an easy choice for the people who are already using Jetpack on their sites because of other functionalities. Use the same plugin for one more additional functionality without adding any more load on the site.


  • It has both free and premium security modules like malware scanning and spam protection, site management in addition to varied performance.
  • It has a tool named contact form module, which is for free.
  • In both classic and block editor, simple forms can be created.
  • Additional options like Payment forms can be enabled with premium plans.

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HubSpot Forms

HubSpot CRM Solution For WordPress

HubSpot Forms is a perfect choice for those who want the best for free. It comes with tools combined with advanced technology that gives the user more options than the other normal form gives. You can easily integrate the Form data to HubSpot CRM solutions.

If you are a paid subscriber for the advanced CRM solution, this form builder will make more sense. Free version also comes with unlimited forms and a million-contact storage which should be sufficient for many.

The only downside of the free plan is limitation on the automation integration. If you just want to collect contact information and send sales pitch, the free plan will work.


  • To use HubSpot Forms, you don’t have to be an expert technically. It is an amazingly simple drop by dragging builder.
  • The various field in a form with unlimited submissions from the users is saved in your database.
  • Once the forms are filled by the users, it is routed to the HubSpot’s Free CRM. This makes it easier to set reminders, send personalized email, call them aiding the relationship with your customers.
  • The form builder is eyed by many businesses as it comes with so many attractive features for free.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin To Add Forms

Ninja Forms are free, and along with that for the advanced features, the various add-ons can be bought by the users. They are very flexible and have a visual form building interface. But the only limitation about these forms that may bug you is that the place where the forms can be placed in a website is limited.

It offers membership plans in case you want many add-ons or individual add-ons in case you only need few functionalities. They offer add-ons in various categories including payment solutions, email subscriptions, design, etc. This way you should be able to design any kind of forms including sales, job, registration etc. easily with this plugin.

Ninja Forms have a partnership with some of the customized WordPress image providers like Bitnami. So, if you install WordPress Bitnami image on AWS LightSail, it comes with Ninja Forms. You can also allow your users to upload files or PDF while submitting the form. A good feature for job listing sites so that they can take additional data from the applicant.


  • Among the advanced users, Ninja forms are quite popular.
  • Many customizations can be done in the form using CSS.
  • The web forms have the option for various fields like email address, phone number, etc.
  • Ninja forms ease the management of form submissions process.
  • It provides an extremely easy interface to create multiple kinds of forms.

The best Form Builder plugins or other alternatives mentioned in this article are based on research and reviews obtained from the customers. There are numerous other plugins available for WordPress to make the best contact form. But among such a humongous number of options, the shortlisting of the best can be a tough job. So, no more scratching of your head and this article is just what you may need to find the best of all.

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