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6 Best Survey Software For WordPress To Increase User Engagement

If you are looking for an option to create user engagement on your WordPress site, here are some of the best survey software’s for WordPress which you can get.

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If you are looking for an option to create user engagement through Surveys or Quizzes on your WordPress site, here are some of the best survey software’s for WordPress which you can get.

Best Survey Software for WordPress Quiz and Surveys

Ever wondered how you can keep your users stuck on your website for a long time? Surveys and quizzes not only engage your readers but gives them a reason to come back again.

Websites like BuzzFeed are one of the biggest examples that shows how you can enjoy increased user engagement with the implementation of survey software’s.

Good thing is that if you are using WordPress for managing your content, you can easily add surveys with the help of WordPress plugins.

Best Survey Software For Your WordPress Site

The survey software’s are designed to provide the website owners with a platform to make quizzes and surveys to let the visitors stay on the page for a long time.

This increases the traffic on the page and decreases the bounce rate. In this way, your visitors will visit the site repeatedly and try out the survey or quiz.

Not just this, however, the information you receive from the surveys may be used for beneficial purposes. For one thing, you can assign your audience priority and target it accordingly. It is much easier to market and develop your website if you know your customers well and know exactly what they want.

Let us have a look at the best survey software’s for WordPress that can help you in making a good quiz for your website.


WPForms WordPress Plugin To Create Surveys

As the name suggests you can use this WordPress plugin to create any kind of forms for your WordPress site including Surveys and Quizzes. The plugin comes with multiple levels of membership plan which you can take based on number of sites and features you want to use.

The plugin is easy to use with drag-n-drop form builder and comes with pre-made templates. You can either use the templates to start with your surveys or create a new form from scratch.

You can easily split the long surveys to multi pages and keep user engage while easily filling the response. The form builder is useful to create distraction free landing pages, where user will not get disturb. You can use CAPCTHA or Spam protection add-on to remove automated responses to your surveys.

Easily view the responses in the backhand at a single place and create meaningful information from it. You can even allow your readers to create WordPress logins for multi-part lead generation with your surveys.


  • Ranking, Radio, dropdown, Image, and Text fields
  • Payment Addons
  • Zapier and Salesforce Integration
  • Email Subscription Services

Everest Forms

Everest Form Plugin To Create And Displays Surveys

One of the best survey software, this one is going to offer you the best interface so that your users are hooked to your pages without any hassles. The form software allows you to create distinct types of form including surveys or quizzes.

It keeps your audience interested in the activities going on the web pages. You can insert different fields conveniently with the basic drag-and-drop feature of Everest Forms.

The plugin is available free of charge and build survey forms with basic fields. You can enhance surveys on your WordPress site in a few clicks with the Premium Survey Polls and the Quiz Link addon. The paid addon adds some new additional fields like ratings which can be used in your surveys.


  • Checkbox for survey areas, radio, and dropdown
  • Pie-charts and diagrams operations reporting
  • Three fields: scores, scores, ratings of the scale
  • 100% smartphone compatible
  • Logical specifications for all fields

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Plugin

This is one of the most common survey software that the website owners love to enjoy. This software is easy to operate and helps in the generation of interactive quizzes and surveys. It also comes along with several options that make the website look interactive and interesting.

Quiz and Survey Master plugin comes in Freemium model, you can install the base plugin from WordPress repository. The base plugin provides the capabilities for creating the surveys, if you want the advanced integrations or Google Analytics support, you can get the Add-on package. The plugin also supports individual addons in case you only want 1-2 of them.

This plugin supports the payment gateways, email subscription, landing page creations, popup surveys among other things. It also supports multiple different input fields to collect different kind of information from the readers.


  • It is easy to install the software.
  • This one of the best survey software is customizable.
  • It offers multiple functions and is loo gorgeous.
  • The software works on logics and offers email notification to the customers.

Modal Survey

Modal Survey WordPress Plugin

The Modal Survey is another fantastic and premium WordPress Survey plugin enjoy. The plugin offers a completely responsive interface with lots of options for building forms, polls, and quizzes. Get all the detail, create immersive tests and surveys, and dramatically increase your site’s interaction rates!

Displaying magnificent progress bars, graphs, and bits of text to impress the audiences. It also provides support to share the responses on Social Media to create excitement around the surveys. This plugin one of the best WordPress Survey Plugins on our list, with lots of editing choices and super user-friendly aspects!


  • Polling, polls, tests, and trivia can be made easily on the software.
  • You can build and choose limitless designs.
  • For quick customization, graphic constructors.
  • Build complete or custom forms in full width.
  • Extremely adjustable and versatile.
  • Device ranking for showing stars.
  • Options for designing each shape. Integrating

Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace To Create Quizzes

Most of the software’s mentioned above works as a WordPress plugin and add the survey options to your sites. Survey Anyplace allows you to host the survey on their platform and embed it on your sites. The plans are based on how many responses you are expecting and options you need for your surveys.

You have all the options to customize the background and layout of the survey, add different kind of questions, Piping to pass information across surveys, nested question logic is some of the notable features of the software. You can check our review of Survey Anyplace to get a better understanding.


  • This software has an easy-to-use interface along with beautiful themes.
  • It helps in designing interactive quizzes that keep the users hooked.
  • One of the best features is the email integration that keeps your visitors connected.

Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat Survey Platform For WordPress

Quiz Cat comes with similar options that can help you make a website with several quizzes so that you can enjoy an increased user engagement. This makes your website look managed and responsive. The quizzes will keep the traffic stay on your website for a long time without any hassles.

The WordPress plugin comes with quiz analytics and Facebook Pixel integration to easily track the responses. You can also enable the email integration to let users subscribe to your email lists. Most of the big email service provider are supported. All the data and responses are stored on your own server.


  • It helps in generating quick reports when you have completed a survey.
  • The software offers a simple drag and drops tool to let you create the best surveys.
  • The basic plugin is free of cost, but the users must pay for the professional pack.
  • It has a pool of questions along with a wide variety to keep your visitors interested.

These are the best survey software that one can select from and get to enjoy making quizzes and polls. These polls and surveys will keep the audience hooked to your website and will make your visitors enjoy staying on it.

Though there are a lot of ways in which you can make your website look interactive but creating a poll or a quiz is considered as the best option. You got it there! Please let us know in the comments below when you can think of some questions while finishing your search for best survey software for WordPress.

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