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20+ Best WordPress Themes For Podcasters in 2021

If you are looking to create your own Podcast show, here are some of the best WordPress Themes For Podcasters which should get you started.

WP Forms WordPress Plugin

If you are looking to create your own podcast show and looking for WordPress themes that you can use to present that show in front of your audience, here are some of the best WordPress themes for Podcasters.

Best WordPress Themes For Podcasters

A podcast is one of the best ways to reach your audience these days. It allows you to express yourself in more personal ways and create an outreach through multiple streaming platforms.

One of the best things about Podcasts that you can use the latest gadgets like the iPhone to create new episodes. Through that, you can easily create content while on the go and reach your audience.

With the new trends of Vlogs, you can also look to create videos on the go and share your experiences with your users. A new and powerful way to connect with audiences for Travel bloggers.

Best WordPress Themes For Podcasters

If you want to start podcasting, you need not worry anymore as you can get the best themes suited for WordPress from many reputed sources.

The WordPress themes for podcasters are exclusively designed for music artists, video production companies, and individuals who want to start podcasting. They are not just beautiful with images or quality but also eye-catching with their messages and color combinations.

As there are ample options present, one needs to check a few before going for any of them. Some of the themes also allow you to sell your music online through the builtin eCommerce plugins.

If you are looking to start a podcast and looking for the best WordPress themes that you can use, we have selected some of the best themes available in the market.


Tusant WordPress Theme For Podcast Site

Tusant is a theme coming from SecondLine Themes. They are specialised in creating Podcast specific themes. This theme is no exception and display your podcast at the forefront of the site.

If you have one podcast or want to manage multiple podcast shows on the same website, you can easily showcase them with Tusant. The home grid can be changed to display multiple podcast shows with artwork or recent episodes. You can choose based on how you want to promote your podcasts.

The podcast player design is beautiful and allow users to easily engage with the audio controls. You can also set a big show banner on the episode header which can allow people to subscribe the Podcast.

The theme is very lite, and it works perfectly on mobile devices and desktops. It is exclusively designed for podcasts, music streaming, and other related needs. It is compatible with several podcasting plugins that help you to build the website in a quick time.

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Divi With Podcast Layout

Divi From Elegant Themes with Podcast Layout

Divi is a theme from Elegant Themes which provides complete visual editing experience for WordPress. Along with visual editing, it comes with many pre-defined layouts which you can use to create your sites.

These pre-defined layouts include the Podcast layouts which can easily help you create the site from scratch. It also comes with audio player design which will integrate with the site design and makes it easy for you to promote your podcast.

You can easily create the podcast sites and integrate with plugins for additional functionality like iTunes RSS feeds etc. Though, it comes with pre-defined layout, you can easily customize or personalize your site design.


Oscillator WordPress Theme For Podcasters

This is one of the best WordPress themes for podcasters as well as musicians, DJs, event organizers. The design is very good, and it can boost the image of your website by a huge margin. The streaming audio player allows your visitors to check the music and even download them.

You can include custom post types like discography, galleries, videos, slider, artists, and events. It is very easy to build the homepage with the drag and drop interface, and you even get custom content widgets to fine-tune the theme. The best point here is that there is no need for coding skills.

You also get social networking options along with SEO optimization to help your website get a good ranking in search engines.

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Megaphone WordPress Theme For Visual Creators

The fully-featured theme helps you to build your WordPress audio podcast website in a quick time. Both small and big podcasts can run on this theme, and it supports multiple hosts and shows at the same time. Many podcasters even use these themes for online radio stations that come with live audio streaming.

It is provided with a sticky audio player that has advanced features like forward and skip buttons. You can host your audio files on your own website or any other platform. The player can easily handle various platforms at the same time.

To customize the website, you can use different podcasting plugins on this theme. You can organize your audio files neatly and number the episodes and also group them into categories.

Mai Reach

Mai Reach WordPress Theme For Genesis Framework

Mai Reach WordPress theme is a third party theme for Genesis Framework. This comes in two flavours – agency and podcast. If you want to start a podcast, this can be good performance optimized theme for you.

The podcast functionality is added with the help of Fusebox – a product created by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. You can use the free version of the Fusebox for limited functionalities or signup to add complete Podcast tools for your site.

This will add the sticky episode bar at bottom and a full size player with the options of enabling email subscription services.

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WpCast WordPress Theme For Audio Creators

You get to integrate non stop music player with this podcast WordPress theme. You can integrate Apple Podcast and Google Podcast along with Blubrry and Anchor.fm with this theme. It is best suited for professional podcasters who want to create a unique online identity.

There is no need to insert code in any way as it comes completely ready to use, and you can use compatible plugins to add additional features of your choice. It is very easy to organize podcasts by category and author along with the number of the track.

Using the page builder, you can build attractive pages with both backend and frontend mode. The slider comes with an integrated player that is good to showcase your latest work.


Rekord WordPress Theme For Podcasters

This is one of the best WordPress themes for podcasters if you want to implement Ajax on your website. This is great for professional podcasters as they can keep the site lite and provide an attractive interface without losing on search engine optimization value.

It has a wavesurfer player and radio streaming abilities that are very useful for both novice and professional podcasters. You also get an Elementor page builder to build pages using frontend editing options easily.

You can easily select dark and light skins according to the content of your website. Ready widgets allow you to fine-tune the theme according to your requirement.

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Vipo WordPress Theme For Audio Content

This is the most suitable theme for podcasts when you want to import external podcasts into your new website. You can even generate valid RSS feed using simple options provided in the theme. You get a good quality HTML5 audio and video player that will open perfectly in every browser.

There is support for Gutenberg, and the theme comes integrated with Contact form 7 and MailChimp for reaching out to your visitors. You can even use the inbuilt translate feature to reach out to the audience from different regions.

The One-click demo import makes it easy to build your website with reference content. It has Yoast SEO integrated to help you with search engine rankings.


Gumbo WordPress Theme

The notable point about this theme is that it supports multiple audio sources. You can have locally hosted audio files or embed them on public platforms and link them to your audio player on the website.

It offers complete customization for the podcast portal with the Elementor page builder. It comes with several add-ons to help you build the website. The audio and video display can be positioned anywhere on the website, and it is compatible with mobile devices and all browsers for desktop users.

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Music WordPress Theme For Music Store

This simple theme is responsive and suitable for musicians, artists, and photographers. You can embed a music player and include an album playlist along with a full video background. You can do all this even without writing any code.

It has its own page builder that helps you use drag and drop interface to arrange page layouts. It also supports Ajax navigation, and the audio dock is not interrupted even when users navigate through different pages.


Podcaster Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The theme comes with an easy-to-use one-click demo that will provide you with a basic layout for the website. It has support for embedding music players, and it supports major podcasting plugins from different sources.

The entire theme is well documented, making it easy for beginners to build the site without any hassles. It is also translation ready so that you can offer content in multiple languages.

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Obsidian WordPress Theme For Audio Gigs

The best part about the theme is that it comes with a special Discography feature that allows you to display all albums on one page. You can even link custom menus to separate albums. The tracks are displayed in a proper tracklist, and each track can link to a separate page. This is suitable when you want to add lyrics or include a download link for the audio track.

The theme is completely responsive, and it also has a social icon menu that can be included in the footer of the website. The theme also offers different plugins to create the best podcast, and you can buy them separately apart from the theme.


Dixie WordPress Theme For Audio Podcasters

The theme supports multiple podcast plugins from different sources. You can embed your audio files locally or host them on public platforms and embed them on the website. Supported third-party platforms include SoundCloud, YouTube, MixCloud, Libsyn, and others.

It is easy to control the content with the use of page builder settings. The color scheme can be easily customized to suit your content. You can even include the host page and add a small bio and social network link of the artist.

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Vlog WordPress Theme For Visual Storyteller

This is best suited for video podcasts, and many professionals use this theme for magazines and news portals. It is completely compatible with Vimeo, YouTube,  Dailymotion, and other platforms. It is possible to set video thumbnails as the featured image.

You can even use the sticky video to highlight some of your work. It is optimized for speed and works perfectly on all browsers. You can even monetize the website by placing banner ads on the website. It is completely compatible with Disqus, Mailchimp, wpforms, Woocommerce, and Yoast.


Sonik WordPress Theme For Music Labels

It comes with specially designed post types for artists, events, videos, music albums, radio shows, podcasts, team members, products, and others. With the aid of Woocommerce, you can sell your music online.

The best part about the theme is that it has a radio schedule feature that allows you to schedule tracks for the entire month. You can also go for the use of drag and drop interface with custom modules to build the site according to your content.

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OnAir2 WordPress Theme To Host Radio Channel

OnAir2 is best suited for professional radio shows, podcasts, and other music-related events. It is compatible with the mp3 webstream, and you can even integrate eCommerce features into the website.

It has 7 custom widgets along with 11 custom post types that help you to create a stunning website. You can display the top 10 charts and events calendar using the built-in options of the theme. It is responsive and easy to share on social media networks. You can choose to use the Ajax page load feature or deactivate it according to your preference.


Viseo WordPress Theme For Video Creators

The theme is best suited for video podcasts and music albums. You can import the demo website and build the content in an easy way. It comes with built-in eCommerce features that allow you to sell your products and music albums online.

You can choose to host your video and audio content locally or embed them from external sources. With the premium plugins, you will be able to create sliders and popups in a quick time. Slide shows can be added to any page using the drag and drop interface page builder.

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Castilo WordPress Theme For Podcasters

The theme allows you to integrate an HTML5 audio player for music streaming on your website. You can translate the content into multiple languages using the builtin translate feature. It also comes with Contact Form 7 along with MailChimp so that your visitors can get in touch with you for different projects.

You can even import the external feed into the website and generate a valid RSS feed from your website. The theme has a one-click demo import option that makes it easy to build a website in a quick time.

Podcast Master

Podcast Master WordPress Theme For Personal Shows

It is best suited for podcasters who want to host audio and video files on a website from an external platform. You can also sell products and music online through the builtin eCommerce features. The theme is fully customizable, and you can change layouts and fonts without doing any coding.

It is compatible with other podcast platforms like Libsyn, Podbean, Simplecast, and Buzzsprout. You can use the social media share buttons to grow your audience.

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MegaByte WordPress Theme For Audio Creators

The theme is highly responsive and comes with a drag and drop interface page builder. It is translation ready. You get support for RSS feed, eCommerce, and one-click demo import. The premium slider allows you to add slideshows to multiple pages.

You can include mega menus and sticky header according to your preference. It also has contact form support and retina support for high-resolution display.


Audioatro WordPress Theme To Host Podcast

The wonderful theme is designed for radio streaming, podcasting, and other similar activities. You can embed the audio player along with Woocommerce to sell your music albums online. It has separate page options for lyrics and videos.

You can translate it into multiple languages. It comes with social sharing features along with Mailchimp newsletters.

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CastPod WordPress Theme For Podcasters

It allows you to import external podcasts and embed HTML5 audio player. To help your audience get the latest updates about your music albums and videos, you can implement RSS feed on your website. It has support for wp forms and Mailchimp.

You get multi-language support with the theme, along with statistics and transcripts. The theme also provides support for Gutenberg.

You can find a few of the best WordPress themes for podcasters available online, and you can buy them to create stunning websites in quick time. The best part about using such themes is that there is no need for coding, and you can build the website using the built-in options of the theme.

Most of them support page builders that allow you to drag and drop various layouts to customize the website. In this way, you can add music albums, videos, and even live radio streams to your website and give it a professional appearance.

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