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How To Add Surveys To WordPress Blog With Survey Anyplace

210 Shares More Adding Surveys to Your WordPress blog can be a good way to interact with your readers or checking about important topics. Survey Anyplace can help in creating those fun and engaging surveys. Surveys …

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Adding Surveys to Your WordPress blog can be a good way to interact with your readers or checking about important topics. Survey Anyplace can help in creating those fun and engaging surveys.

Design WordPress Survey With Survey Anyplace

Surveys are a great tool to generate feedback or opinions on any topics. They should also be a good tool which you can use to engage with your readers.

For example, If you are an e-commerce site and want to fine-tune your buying experience, ask your buyers to fill out a survey. It will let you know what sections they had the most difficulty with and needs fine-tuning.

You can also create some fun surveys like asking your users about their best pet activities or most beloved actors etc.

There are bloggers who have gone one step ahead and ask their readers about what they want to read next? Create a survey with a list of topics and let your readers decide what you should write about.

Survey Anyplace to Create Surveys

Survey Anyplace allows you to create those surveys and distribute them across different platform. You can also integrate them into WordPress with the help of their WordPress Plugin.

You will get a webpage for your survey which can be shared across the social networks to engage more readers. This way you can increase the reach of your surveys and get more responses.

How To Create a Survey

You can create a Survey from their web application and it will generate a survey ID which can be used to embed it in WordPress. Each survey contains an intro and final screen along with questions.

The design elements are available under the Design tab where you can define the font, colors, background etc. for your surveys. There are some predefined themes which you can use directly or tailer it based on the colors and layout of your site.

Design Tab in Survey Anyplace
Design Your Survey

You can also upload your logo to make it look more official and easily pick colors from it. There are other options like uploading a background, choose your fonts and size are available to change the looks of your survey.

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Piping Variables

One of the good features​ to personalize your Intro or Final screen is Piping Variables. These variables allow you to enter content specific to the respondent like letting him know about the number of questions answered in the survey.

There are many different variables available like – Questionnaire Title, Response Count, Response Time and Date etc. You can use these variables to create a personalize Intro or final message for your users.

Type Of Questions

Questions are the soul of any survey. Survey Anyplace allows you to create many different kinds of question to include in your surveys.

Type Of Questions in Survey Anyplace
Type Of Questions

You can select and combine any of these types of question to create your survey. To add some fun and engagement, you can use a scratch card or slot machine questions.

It allows you to alter the Intro and Final screen text while defining the questions. You can also enable or disable the Intro screen from this section. Now, let’s look at some of the interesting question types which can make your survey more engaging.


You can ask your users to rank certain things and they can easily drag and drop the option to rank them in order. Creating a question is very east, you get a text field where you can enter and format the question text. You can also add different answers which you want your users to rank like if you have 5 different post ideas, ask your readers to rank them in the order they want to read them.

Ranking Question For Your Survey

This type of question engages your users as they have to drag and drop to arrange answers in their preferred choice.

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You have two options with Sliders – Text and Numbers. This is a good way to take quantitative feedback on a scale defined by you.

Example Slider (Number) Question

While defining the question, you can define the scale and labels for it. Like any other questions, you will get a full edit window for writing your questions. You can even add images or video to make the question more interactive.

You can also define the start value from which your slider will start. For Example, if you want to take feedback for your service, you would not want to start your slider from very poor. Start from somewhere realistic like Good or Better and then let your users slide it according to their liking.

Scratch Card

Another good type of question or interactive element is Scratch Card. You can include scratch cards in your surveys to generate some random elements for your responders.

Example Scratch Card Question Creation

It allows you to include multiple answers and give the probability for that answer to come up. You can also add images for each option which will be shown when the user scratch the card.

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Include Survey In WordPress

Once you create the survey, you will get a link which is for a live survey on Survey Anyplace site. You can either use this URL and direct your readers to that or embed it directly on your post.

They have a WordPress plugin which can come handy if you are going to use multiple surveys on your site. You can get the plugin free from WordPress repository.

The plugin provides some nice options to include survey as embed, popup or in as a widget. You can also just add it to open it in a new tab or same window.


Survey Anyplace can give you free surveys for up to 20 monthly responses with most of the features. You can’t white label the survey, so it will always have Survey Anyplace logo placed on the bottom of your survey.

If you want more responses or white label the survey, you can opt for paid plans. You will also get piping and assessment capabilities with the paid plans.

So go ahead and give Survey Anyplace a try and create some fun and engaging surveys for your users.

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