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The Best WordPress Site Migration Plugins To Easily Move Your Hosting

There are times when we need to move the host or server to a different one. Here are some of the best WordPress site migration plugins which can be used.

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There are times when we need to move the host or server to a different one. Here are some of the best WordPress site migration plugins to make your task easier.

Best WordPress Site Migration Plugins

Do you think the time has come to separate from your current hosting company? Sometimes you might feel that their customer support isn’t sufficed, or it could be running short on features.

Whatever the reason is, it might be the correct time to renounce the host. You can easily get it done with the help of Site Migration Plugins.

Best WordPress Site Migration Plugins

I have written a lot about AWS LightSail on this blog. Last, I was talking about how to easily upgrade or update your AWS LightSail server, where you can easily move your blog to a new server.

Many webmasters fear to move their site or blog, especially if the site is running long on the same server. Site Migration plugin can make the task easy and automate many of the error-prone work, this way you will not make any SEO mistakes while moving your sites.

Any likelihood of performance issues?

The obstacle could be faced with a WordPress plugin if it conflicts with themes or plugins. Additionally, it can also give rise to performance snags. Many webmasters will blame the plugin or external services for reduced performance since they work with site files.

So there can be a likelihood that one of them isn’t compatible with your host, you should check out its support before implementing them. Also, most of those plugins are of one time use to migrate your site. Unless you are not using them to take backup you should uninstall them after use.

We have reviewed some of the best WordPress site migration plugins available for the webmaster, check the list below to decide which one you want to use.

We have used all of them to figure out the optimum list in the context of the interfaces, pricing, and aspects. Let’s dive into them one after another.

Migration Guru

Migrate Guru Banner Image

The first one in the list possesses sheer advantage when it comes to multisite and file size. If you have a robust multisite network, then it’s a perfect choice.

Additionally, file sizes up to 200 GB are transferable. It caters to one-click integration, which ranks it at the top as the fastest to transfer data to another server.

It does all on its own and doesn’t require energy or storage of your host, which could be a matter of concern if your site is too big and full of files. Even there is no necessity to add plugin supported by every host. You just have to install WordPress on your new server and start the migration.

Features making it fitting choice

  • It’s free for everyone
  • Around 1 GB can be transmitted in 30 minutes, making it one of the quickest plugin.
  • It has got support for over 5000 hosts, which is an outstanding feature because multiple hosts don’t work with a single plugin.
  • All of the migrations are executed on migrations servers, meaning there is the least chance of website crashing.

Who precisely should consider this?

As stated above, it’s most suitable for large sites, for faster transfer and no crash guarantee. Most of the migration happens on their server which leaves your server bandwidth free to serve your customers. Currently, they limit the number of site transfer per user per month to 5 which should be sufficient for many users.

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Vaultpress Migration & Backup Plugin For WordPress

It’s one of the best WordPress site migration plugins which does not add much bulk to your site. The plugin is owned by Automattic and can be installed alone or with integration with the Jetpack plugin. Hence you would be better off keeping Jetpack and gaining more features beyond Vaultpress. The pricing also becomes more affordable with Jetpack premium features.

The first step here is to backup files on your website. It also battles malware and hackers, with the assistance of tools mixed for warning about damage. The backup is incremental so it will consume less bandwidth in a day to day operation. So if you want to keep active backups of your site, you can keep this plugin installed.

The plugin is mainly a backup and security plugin, having substantial aspects for simple migration from the backups. If you provide a connection to your new server, it can migrate the site with the assistance of one click. This is also our preferred solution to migrate or upgrade your AWS LightSail servers.

Features that make it a fitting choice:

  • It’s a premium plugin with excellent customer support.
  • Scheduled and automated backups bolster it.
  • An archive is indicated for 30 days.
  • It caters to spam protection (With Jetpack) to stop the comments and pingbacks that are sure to come in through the site.
  • The business plans consist of some exquisite features with Jetpack Subscription for security scanning, unlimited video hosting, and ad revenue generation.

Who should precisely consider this?

It seems a perfect choice for the ones who already have Jetpack plugin. It’s also efficient for safeguarding your site from every angle. The migration functionality is a bonus more than anything else. 

WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB WordPress Plugin

It provides a more involved solution but best suitable for the ones seeking greater control over migration. The core plugin (free version) fulfills only a MySQL data dump, which exports the database. Most of the purpose is served by replacing paths, managing sequenced data and loading it into a new site.

For migration, one needs to utilize the phpMyAdmin import to the SQL file to the correct database. These options ensure that the developer has an excellent method in place to move the site database back and forth by needs.

If you would like to extend the functionality and migrate the complete site, you can go for the Pro version. Starting from 99$ per anum, it can be upgraded to completely migrate 1 active site for a user.

Not only it offers facilities with premium email support but also with diverse aspects that are imperative for migrating databases, media, and files between the sites. In all, the premium version provides user-friendliness and cool features to make your life easy.

Features making it fitting choice:

  • The free version alone suffices for the developers who wish to download the files themselves and transmit them to different servers.
  • Each file path, URL data, and sequenced data is maintained in the background.
  • The pro version facilitates with pulling and pushing of databases.
  • It’s one of the most secure ones from the list.
  • You can rule out some post types.
  • It offers an exclusive feature to shift a site from a multisite network to alone site.
  • You can sync whole media libraries between two sites.

Who should be precisely considering this?

Developers are the ones who most likely to take it into account. The reason is you are having better flexibility when it comes to opting particular migration item like tables.

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Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin

It’s so far considered an essential plugin for transferring WordPress files to a new location. A few of the options provided include writing, copying, and moving. Since all it takes is One click to choose the files you want to download.

Further duplicator provides several steps to transfer those files to a new server. You can pick a live site or use it in a local environment for future development.

Other than features for theme reuse, eliminating messy import, and staging, a duplicate is renowned as one of the best back up and migration tools for every skill level.

Most of the aspects are incorporated in the free version; however, you can’t upgrade it for enhanced functionality. For instance, scheduled backups are part of the premium plan together with mail notifications and cloud storage.

Features making it fitting choice:

  • All don’t end at migrating. It caters to moving and cloning as well.
  • One of the most suitable plugin for a pull a site into a local environment.
  • Though it’s associated with version, it includes scheduled and manual backups to safeguard your content.
  • No longer need to panic about those complex imports and exports since few clicks, and that’s it, your whole site is migrated.
  • Pro version of it provides ample support for multisite migrations.

Who should be precisely considering this?

Almost everyone can consider this; it’s one of the easiest and fastest plugins for duplicating or moving a WordPress site.


UpdraftPlus Backup And Restore WordPress Plugin

Mainly it’s used as a backup tool but there is more. It doesn’t only facilitate restoring a file to a new location but also eases up the whole process. You only required to click one button to back up your data.

The reason why update draft plus seems compelling is, it executes one of the fastest back up with the aid of cloud storage services.

There is a provision of automatically scheduled back up. This is usually included in the free tool while updating to premium enables improved functionality such as duplicates and swift migrations. Also, you benefit from cloud storage like one drive and azure.

Features that make it a fitting choice:

  • Well, it forms secure and fast backups for all websites. All of which is done in a freebie.
  • It has one of the most extended lists of cloud integrations — some of these incorporate OpenStackswift, one drive, and rack space cloud.
  • Migration extension aids with shifting files from local to live entertainments.
  • The free version has got automatic backups that don’t stand true for backup and migration plugins.

Who should be precisely considering this?

More than anything else, it’s a backup plugin. If you’re wearing a migrating extension, it makes sense as a cost-effective way to get it done. Hence it’s recommended for those who wish the best possible backup.

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BackupBuddy WordPress Premium Plugin

It has the capability of backing up a WordPress site, restore and shift it to an entirely different location. Since it is launched, it has been downloaded by more than half a million websites.

Quite similar to the plugins mentioned above, it serves as safeguarding and backing up your files. Therefore you would install it to restore data in case you have lost them.

All the files which get downloaded can be transferred to a different location. Simply put, you can restore backups remotely using Google Drive.

Further, import buddy integration makes sure that all the files get restored and migrated somewhere else.

It has got a dedicated migration feature that enables the tool to change servers and hosts. Cloning is also given for developers along with pulling and pushing to and fro.

Features make it fitting tool:

  • Backup buddy is only available as a premium migration and backup plugin. Hence, you have more exceptional customer support because you’re paying something.
  • You can clone sites with a click of the button.
  • The plugin caters more than migration functionality. For example, you achieve site protection with malware scans, backup, and serialized data.

Who should precisely consider this plugin?

We like this for the people wanting full services of protection, backup tools, and migration. The plugin reduces the number of plugins you require for the site, and you will always be aware that files are safeguarded.

Super Backup & Clone

Super Backup & Clone For WordPress

This plugin is a substitute for the site migration WordPress plugins you would find in the directory of WordPress plugin. As it is inferred from the name itself, it can assist with cloning, backups, and migrations. It connects to cloud services like Google drive, rack space, and Amazon s3. You can take snapshots of the site and restore them when needed.

Scheduling is doable with backups, and it can be even set to download the backup automatically. More than its past features, clone, and super backup caters multisite support for backing up network websites and transferring them to different servers.

Features that make it fitting choice

  • Super backup and clone get snapshots of files, which is downloading and saving the data to diverse locations.
  • History revisions are indicated on the dashboard if you like to restore the site or do a migration from the past version.
  • Individual files and folders can be exempted from the backups.
  • The multisite capacities enable network owners to migrate their sites or restore fully.

Who should precisely be considering this plugin?

Super backup and clone seem robust plugin for numerous tasks. Files can be performed back up, cloning, and migrations to various spots. We prefer it as a low-cost suite, eliminating the necessity for several plugins for all features.

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Backup Guard WordPress Plugin For Site Migration

As it’s seen, many of the best WordPress site migration plugins are incorporated into packages with security and backup plugins. That is also true for the BackupGuard plugin, which manages migrations, backups, and file restoration.

To begin with, Backup guard entails free and paid plugins. The free version enables you to back up files, restore them, and upload them to Dropbox and other locations.

It’s not till you upgrade, you can benefit from the migration feature. Also, it’s one of the costly options. Though the cost is higher, the features make up for it.

Every plan comprises backups, restorations, and unlimited sites. You can also migrate more you want and plan backups accordingly.

What makes it a fitting plugin?

  • It incorporates a full bunch of tools for stuff like security, backups, and restores.
  • You can clarify the number of reserves you would like to keep on the server.
  • It performs well with Multisite networks and does not load them while doing the backup and restore.
  • There is no necessity to acquire FTP client while importing backups.

Who Should Consider This Plugin:

This is amongst the best interfaces for backup and migration plugins. If you wish something that anyone can comprehend, this could be the best migration plugin for you. It is also good to know that BackupGuard has one of the best supports as compared to various other plugins.

So, which one is perfect for you?

Not everything is perfect for every site. Sometimes it’s good to find one that attaches to cloud storage, sometimes it’s good to find the one with backups and tools.

So we have done the analysis of the details of the best site migration-WordPress plugins available and these are the final recommendations.

You can pick and choose based on your site requirements and usage. Which WordPress Site migration plugin do you prefer to be used with your site?

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