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How To Setup Amazon OneLink To Increase Your Affiliate Income?

OneLink enables the affiliates to associate their various Amazon accounts. Here is how to setup Amazon OneLink.

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Are you thinking of setup Amazon OneLink? If yes, then this article is for you. Below in this article, we have shared everything you need to know about Amazon OneLink.

Setup Amazon OneLink

Amazon has been serving the people for a long time and has proven an extraordinary choice. This huge store covers almost everything and anything. People from all around the world are very much dependent on Amazon for their purchases.

Not only for the purchasers, but affiliate marketers also enjoy its benefits with a global market. Amazon aims to serve a more extensive section of people and to do so. It has various domains for different countries. Amazon.com, Amazon.in, Amazon.co.uk, and Amazon.pk are a few of them.

Affiliate marketing is a type of business in which commission is rewarded for every purchase done with the link provided by the marketers. Amazon approves this marketing and has emerged to be of great benefits.

Those who are involved in it must be aware of the fact that Amazon never allows third-party shortening services. It has its link shortening or WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin. But there was a significant drawback related to its affiliate tracking links.

The Amazon links functioned only for the local stores for which they were developed. For instance, if you provide an affiliate link of Amazon US and Indian clicks on it, he will be redirected to Amazon.com.

To purchase the item from Amazon.in, he will go to Amazon.in to process its purchase. When this happens, you won’t receive any commission on the sale. The purchase is only counted when a person buys from the same amazon domain of which the affiliate link is. 

This has been a major issue of affiliate links as many times, the number of visitors was wasted due to regional issues. To solve this problem, Amazon has launched its own free solution, Amazon OneLink. In this article, we will understand all about it.

What Is Amazon OneLink?

What Is Amazon OneLink

Very recently, considering the problems faced by the affiliate marketers, Amazon launched OneLink to help them out. This new feature helps marketers regulate their customers and international traffic by automatically shifting them to their local Amazon domain.

The tool is available in the Amazon Associate dashboard and enables the affiliates to associate their various Amazon accounts. It helps them in geo-localized redirection from their affiliate website to a suitable Amazon domain. Previously this facility was provided by a third party. As Amazon does not appreciate any third-party interference, it launched its link.

This feature also lets the marketers boost their income by redirecting visitors from various countries. No matter which country’s citizens click on your affiliate link, they will automatically reach their respective Amazon store, and you can earn your commission.

Apart from this excellent element, OneLink also has backward compatibility. This means that on initiating, it automatically starts functioning for already existing Amazon affiliate links too. It is also applicable for Amazon’s short links but not for any third-party link shortening.

OneLink has been beneficial for the customers too. It provides them with a better shopping experience. Many countries enjoy its benefits, including the UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, and France. Amazon is working on expanding it further.

Previously Amazon’s One Link required one to install OneTag, a JavaScript snippet that was quite cumbersome. In April 2020, a new update was initiated, which eliminated the need for JavaScript code.

Now the Amazon affiliate marketers can monetize their international traffic by OneLink without the use of OneTag. Hence making the set-up process much simpler and manageable.

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How To Setup Amazon OneLink?

Amazon OneLink lets you regulate the global visitors coming to your website. You can use this feature on your website.

Setting up Amazon OneLink has become effortless and much simpler after the elimination of JavaScript. Follow these few simple steps and enjoy the benefits of OneLink:

Step 1. The first step towards setting up the Amazon OneLink is to sign up Amazon Associate accounts of the countries you want to monetize visitors. The links of the accounts of the respective countries are as such:

Step 2. After setting up other accounts, open your main Amazon Associate account. On the top bar, there is an option of ‘Tool’; click on it. A few options will display on clicking, out of which click on the “OneLink” option.

click on the OneLink option

Step 3. When you click on “OneLink,” you will see a page where you can find the “Link your account” option. Below that, there will be a button displaying “click here to link.” Click on the option, and you will be directed to a new tab.

Step 4. A new tab will pop from where you can link your other accounts. Link the amazon associate accounts of the countries from where you want to monetize your global traffic. Just enter the account details.

Amazon OneLink Link account

Step 5. After linking the account, return to the main “OneLink” page. Besides the “Link account” option, there is another option, “Set default tracking IDs.” Click on the “update settings” option to proceed further.

Step 6. For all the Amazon stores that you have chosen, select a default ID for tracking and then click on “Save Changes.”

All set, now you start regulating your audience to their regional Amazon accounts and earn a good sum of commission.

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What Is Close Product Match And Exact Product Match?

Amazon OneLink allows you to set your preferences as “Close Product Match” or “Exact Product Match.” A close match option is a default option. On choosing the close match option, all your global audiences will be directed to their main or nearest Amazon storefront for exact products or similar ones.

If there are no similar pages, then they will be led to the Amazon search result page. The close match option allows the redirection of neighboring countries’ citizens too, like people of Ireland, Greece or Poland will be directed to Amazon.co.uk, which is the domain of their neighboring country, the United Kingdoms.

When you choose the exact match option, your international traffic will be directed to their respective Amazon domain showing exact products. If there are no exact matches available, they will be redirected to Amazon.com, showing similar matches for a better shopping experience.

To better understand it let’s take an instance. Suppose an American blogger writes about the 10 best smartwatches and uses Amazon test links. Now on setting OneLink, he chooses the exact product match option.

If a German audience visits his blog and clicks on the link, he will be redirected to amazon.de displaying the smartwatches in Euro. If he chooses the close product match, then the German visitor will be shown similar or exact products as per the availability.

For a better shopping experience for your audiences and monetization, it is better to choose close product matches. It proves beneficial for your visitor as well as for you.

Check Matching Product

To check which products are available in the respective storefronts, a tool is available as “Check Matching Products.” Enter the Amazon.com link of the product in the ‘Enter the URL’ box and select the ‘Check’ option.

On click, a table will display, which will show the links of available products in respective Amazon storefronts. It also allows one to examine the variation between Exact match and Close match forwarding. There is an option of the up and down vote, which you can cast as per your experience and link redirecting. It helps Amazon to improve its algorithm and generate much satisfactory and relevant results.

The earned commission is reported to the amazon affiliate account. It is available under the ‘Redirected traffic’ category of the Link Type Performance report. The commission rates are as per the standard rate of the respective place.

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Why Setup Amazon OneLink?

Amazon OneLink is a beneficial and necessary tool that all affiliate marketers should make use of. It helps them to operate the traffic of their website from different countries to their use. Amazon Onelink is an outstanding feature for both marketers and their customers.

These services are provided by third-party WordPress plugin, too, but Amazon recommends using their own OneLink services. Some find the third-party plugin easier to use, but they are associated with lots of issues.

A few of them are compatibility problems, improper redirecting, hijacking commissions, messy affiliate links, etc. But OneLink has solved all these issues to make the experience better and satisfactory.

OneLink saves the potential visitors that are usually missed due to different geo-locations. So if you have visitors from the UK reaching your site and you have US Amazon affiliate links, then by setting up Amazon OneLink, you can take advantage and earn some extra cash from those locales.

It also allows neighboring countries to make purchases from their near Amazon storefront. In this case, people benefit by comparing the price of the same product and choosing the most reasonable one.

Does Amazon OneLink Work With Third Party Plugins?

Amazon OneLink works perfectly with banners developed from the Amazon Associates program. It also works with content links and the links on images.

Testing has found that the Amazon OneLink also works smoothly with links generated with shortcodes from the REHub theme. Amazon OneLink also functions without any issues with shortcodes and buttons developed using the Content Egg plugin. It does not operate with Woocommerce or its other plugins.

Does Amazon OneLink Work With Native Shopping Ads?

The answer to this is yes. But presently, the marketers can only regulate traffic from the United Kingdom on their website with Native Shopping Ads. It helps your audience from the UK to see ads for products available on Amazon UK. And lead them to process their purchase on Amazon.co.uk. When any UK visitors click on the ads, they will be redirected to the product page on Amazon.co.uk. This feature only works for the Recommendation and Search form of Native Shopping Ads. Amazon is planning to extend it to Canada very soon.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Amazon OneLink?

The Amazon OneLink has lots of benefits and has proven it to the world. Let’s look at some of the pros of this program:

1. Easy Set Up

The Amazon OneLink set is easy and manageable. The JavaScript used to be a little difficult, but after its removal from April 2020, the whole set-up has become effortless. With five simple steps, you can initiate the OneLink and start earning commissions from the global traffic of your websites.

2. Earn Commission On Every Purchase

The Amazon affiliate program helps the associate marketers earn commission on every purchase done through their Amazon OneLink. No matter what the product or purchase is, you can enjoy some percent of the total cost. This allows the steady flow of income for the marketers.

3. Earn From Potential Global Visitors

Your website must gain traffic from all over the world and not just one region. Before OneLink, there used to be a loss of potential visitors as they were redirected to the Amazon storefront from where they do not belong. To eliminate this issue, OneLink came with a benefit. It automatically redirects the visitors to the domain of their respective region. It increases the purchase and commission globally.

4. Gain Customer’s Trust

Amazon has a reputation in the market. Years of effort and outstanding performance have made it one of the top online stores. When you use any other affiliate links, people think twice before proceeding. But when you insert Amazon OneLink, your audience will know that it is genuine and reliable. It increases the chance of them purchasing with your link.

5. Works With All Existing Links

The Amazon OneLinks work perfectly with all the already existing links. It does not require any extra effort to set up individually. The online affiliate program of amazon has a few drawbacks too. Let’s discuss some of the cons:

6. Not Functional With Third-Party Shortening Services

The Amazon OneLink works perfectly for all the pre-existing text links and the Amazon shortening links. But the links shortened using a third party can not enjoy its benefits.

7. Works Only for Limited Amazon Storefronts

Amazon has around 14 domains for 14 different countries. The Amazon OneLink can be set up only for seven countries like the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Japan.

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Tips To Gain More Benefits from Amazon Affiliate Links

While inserting or using Amazon affiliate links, keep an eye on silly mistakes that can make blunders. To make the most out of these links, follow these simple and easy tips:

  • Keep examining the affiliate links to fix or replace any broken links. You can also use Amazon Link Check that does the work for you.
  • OneLink is the best way to allow incoming commission from global sales. Select the most profitable products and localize them in the country, which brings you more traffic.
  • If you receive a huge audience from one country, set up your unique tracking ID of that region.
  • There are always new updates coming from time to time, so conserving all your affiliates into one program can be too risky for you. Therefore, it is advisable to keep augmenting your revenue into different affiliate programs.
  • The amazon affiliate WordPress website usually makes the mistake of not keeping its links as “no follow.” This error may seem small, but it can lead to great problems for you.

Wrapping Up!

This recent feature of Amazon OneLink has proven to be of great advantage to marketers and their customers. Amazon has strategically solved the affiliate link issue, which the associates have been facing for a long time.

With it now, you can earn commissions from your global audiences too. After thorough research and understanding, we can summarize Amazon OneLink as a potential advantage. Earlier, the set-up process required JavaScript, which was kind of hectic. But recently removed that also to make the whole set-up process much more straightforward, quicker, and easier.

OneLink redirects your audience automatically to their respective Amazon store. The close match and exact match further helps in improving and monetizing the shopping experience. Though it is an excellent initiative of Amazon, there are still a few things that Amazon needs to look after.

The very first is when being the seven unconnected Amazon domains. Those who gain traffic from the remaining seven countries still miss this outstanding feature. One more thing that becomes quite hectic for the marketers is juggling between different amazon affiliate accounts.

If we remove these small issues, we can not find any other major drawbacks. It also allows the neighboring countries to make purchases from their nearby Amazon store. And certainly, I can say that Amazon OneLink is an outstanding feature and has proven its abilities in little time.

Now that you know all about the OneLink feature with the whole set-up go with it. No more losing any of your potential audiences, and you can gain all your commissions effectively.

Full Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). We only hyperlink the products which we feel adds value to our audience. Financial compensation does not play a role for those products.

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