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How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme For Your Site?

112 Shares More Websites and blogs are changing the way we are consuming information and helping us in every aspect of our life. If you are building a website, having a good WordPress theme is …

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Websites and blogs are changing the way we are consuming information and helping us in every aspect of our life. If you are building a website, having a good WordPress theme is a right start. So how you can choose the best WordPress Theme from the vast number of themes available in the market?

How To Choose Best WordPress Theme For Your Site

Creating websites have been getting more and more important for everyone these days especially for the ones with a business. Building a suitable website for one’s business is perhaps the first big step towards taking one’s business online.

Also, the choice of website design plays a very significant role in the success of a website. It will create a first impression on your visitors and make your content stood out.

How To Choose Best WordPress Theme?

However, a lot of people actually get pretty confused when it comes to choosing a best WordPress theme which is why in this post, we’ll discuss on how to choose the Best WordPress Theme.

List All the Features That You Need for Your Website

List All the Features You Need in WordPress Theme

Jotting down all the features that you plan to incorporate into your website can help you to a certain extent in making the right choice of theme.

Even if you don’t aren’t much familiar with the technical names, you can still have them noted down with names, symbols or figures. This would remind you of what you planned to incorporate when you actually trying to choose a theme.

This is highly advisable for newbies. Even the ones with years of experience in web hosting don’t hesitate in doing this as this practice has proved to be highly effective.

Choose a Theme That Matches Your Website Niche

WordPress Themes Based on Your Niche

A lot of people actually get pretty carried away by the wide selection of the various themes as they look for an appropriate theme for their website.

In fact, almost every theme is pretty much attractive these days and for a newbie, it’s quite normal to get carried away by the extravagant looks of the different themes. However, it can’t get any worse than ending up with a wrong theme. Literally, it’s like starting your website on a really bad note.

On the contrary, it’s wise to choose a theme which is totally perfect for one’s website niche. As a matter of fact, a lot of WordPress Theme Providers actually list their themes under various niches and this actually makes things easier for a better choice making.

If you think you can’t decide on this at all, you can always take an expert’s help.

Choose a Theme That Offers a Good Navigation

WordPress Theme With Good Naviagation

Themes are available in different layouts too. Hence, try to choose a theme that offers exceptionally simple navigation options for the visitors.

This may apparently seem to be less exciting to many of you but according to a recent study, the simpler the navigation, the lesser is the bounce rate.

If we try to see it from the visitors’ perspective, they don’t actually visit a website to study how complex its design is and all of that. What they are mainly concerned with is finding a piece of information or the items that they had been looking for.

The faster they find it, the happier they get and on the contrary, they won’t hesitate to leave the site in case they find the navigation complex and irritating.

You can read online reviews of best WordPress theme to get some idea or try to look for sites built using WordPress Themes. Don’t fall for the reviews which only talks positively about a theme. There is no product which can suit everyone’s need.

Like, When I did an Elegant Themes Review last week, I not only put forward the best things but also the struggles. So looks for that kind of reviews to get an understanding.

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Choose a Theme That Offers Easy Customization

WordPress Theme With Easy Customisation Options

Time is pretty valuable and we can’t afford to waste it in dealing with the various complexities of a theme.

Customizing a theme is quite an important thing, to begin with, and it comprises adding a brand logo, changing the color options, changing the layouts, adding the most effective widgets and more.

There are a lot of WordPress landing page builder plugins in the market which helps anyone, even a non-techie to design conversion-focused landing pages in some minutes. This may apparently seem to be pretty simple but it’s surely not that simple especially if you don’t choose the right theme.

Themes cluttered with too many features can be pretty hard to customize. Hence, try to avoid such themes and look for themes that would be easy to customize.

Look for a Responsive Theme

Example Of Responsive WordPress Theme

If you want to capitalize on all the platforms and get an elevated level of traffic for your website, looking for a responsive theme is the right thing to do. A responsive theme works equally well on all the devices, be it PC, tablet or mobile.

As a matter of fact, all the modern WordPress themes are responsive but what if you end up choosing an old theme which isn’t responsive?

Hence, a bit of carefulness and mindfulness about this aspect can save you a lot of time and of course, save you from a big disappointment.

Choose an SEO Friendly Theme

A person making SEO checklist which should be fulfilled by WordPress Theme

Choosing an SEO friendly theme is extremely important if you don’t want your website to lag behind the competition. Despite the fact that a lot of themes look incredibly stunning, they have poor code which may adversely affect the site’s SEO.

If SEO of a website turns bad, everything else will fall flat on its face. This is why one has to be extremely careful about this aspect of choosing a theme.

In fact, there are several tools available to check if a page generates a proper HTML5 and one of such tools happens to be the W3C Markup Validation service.

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Plugin Compatibility

WordPress and Plugin Compatibility For Themes

It is important to look for a theme which has a compatibility with the plugins that you can’t afford to work without.

If you don’t check in advance, things might eventually get pretty frustrating while you have to continue with a theme and yet missing your favorite plugins.

In fact, there are a lot of Premium WordPress themes that has a great compatibility with the plugins.

Don’t Look For Cheaper Options

Save money while buying WordPress Theme

It is human nature to look for discount or money-saving techniques when we try to buy something. Once you finalized the best WordPress theme which you want for your blog, be careful while trying to save money.

There are many facebook group or people who can provide a paid WordPress theme for free. Many people fall for them as they are thinking to save money but remember nothing is free in this world.

Many of those themes are nulled themes and might contain bad code or malware. Which will be a problem for your site in the longer run. If you are not good with HTML and PHP, you will have a hard time clearing that malware from your site.

So, Look for discount or coupons but always buy from the official channel or Theme provider’s website.


The idea of starting a website for the first time can be pretty exciting for many of us but if we are starting a website with a serious business in our mind, we certainly, can’t afford to go wrong with important aspects of choosing a theme.

Of course, there’s no denying the fact that it’s difficult to fulfill all the criteria of choosing a right theme for one’s website.

However, as mentioned in this post, we can always jot down the important points that we need to bear in mind while looking for a best WordPress theme for a website.

Hopefully, the points mentioned in this post will help many of you find the right theme for your website provided that you don’t do it hastily.

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  • Rachael Williams says:

    Very helpful, thanks. Choosing a WordPress theme can feel really daunting so I’ll definately keep this in mind next time I want to change:)

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    Nice Blogpost with useful info! Well, no matter what kind of websites the clients want me to create, DIVI from Elegant themes is what I always go to. Taking a lifetime subscription of it is worth every penny. DIVI Builder plugin is what I love the most. The rest 85 themes from Elegant themes are good too.

  • I love WordPress. I gave up my Blogger blog and migrated to WordPress and never regretted! Very helpful article here, thanks!

  • Elizabeth O says:

    This is a really helpful article. Picking a theme is such a hard task because there is so much choice out there with different features. It’s nice to have a guide.

  • Nallely Tapia says:

    this are great tips to keep in mind i dont use wordpress and i wish i would have known about this when i started but is never to late to learn right?

  • I wish I saw your article before I decided on a theme. It is very informative and very detailed. It is worth sharing.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for liking the article. Some time looking at the basic before we decide to spend money or finalize the design helps a lot.

      – Sanjeev

  • Edwin Prasetio says:

    WordPress provides flexibility and power to bloggers. Their themes are fascinating as well. We have plenty of choices to make up our blog themes with WordPress..

    • Hi Edwin,

      Yes, WordPress provides a lot of power to design our sites as we want but sometimes it can confuse also. Keeping the focus on what we want vs what is available is a good way to start.

      – Sanjeev

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