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How to Setup Passwordless Authentication in WordPress?

There are various methods to build a secure environment for WordPress website secure environment. Here is how to setup passwordless authentication in WordPress.

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To begin with, WordPress has become one of the most popular website builders across the world. About 42% of websites are developed on WordPress, including bloggers, e-commerce, small business, and even enterprises.

The great popularity brings more risk of script kiddies and hackers on WordPress websites. However, everyone wants to experience the most secure and safe, especially on a WordPress website. 

Passwords are one of the most vulnerable method for hacking these days. Hackers are always looking for weak passwords and ways to exploit them. Along with that users need to remember passwords for so many sites and services which makes it more tough.

This is where Passwordless Authentication is taking the world over and providing a secured method to log into the sites. It not only remove the burden to remember the passwords but also increases the security by using more user specific ways for authentication.

Setup Passwordless Authentication in WordPress

What is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless Authentication is a method where users doesn’t need to provide a set password to login into the sites. Here is what Wikipedia says about the Passwordless Authentication.

Passwordless authentication is an authentication method in which a user can log in to a computer system without the entering (and having to remember) a password or any other knowledge-based secret. In most common implementations users are asked to enter their public identifier (username, phone number, email address etc.) and then complete the authentication process by providing a secure proof of identity through a registered device or token.

From Wikipedia

This article will discuss how you can secure your WordPress site using the passwordless authentication method and its setup and comparison with other WordPress plugins. We will guide you through setting Passwordless Authentication using the WordPress plugin “Passwordless WP,” which is one of the newest but most efficient methods.

Passwordless WP developed by a full-stack developer named Ilya Zolotov from the WP Busters team, which allows users to log in with touch ID, face ID securely, and even more with a PIN. This plugin’s target is to improve the accessibility and security of a WordPress website in a more straightforward way. 

Before getting started, let’s know about your new plugin, “Passwordless WP.” 

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How’s the “Passwordless WP” Plugin Developed?

In general fact, millions of emails and passwords are leaked every year in the public database. Ilya Zolotov created this unique WordPress plugin after his email authentications leaked publicly. This plugin was developed with the mission to secure the WordPress credentials more efficiently and effortlessly. 

This plugin is compatible with various browsers, including Apple’s safari and Google’s Chrome. Initially, this plugin was developed by utilizing cryptographic libraries to make an easy-to-use interface.

This plugin does not store any personal & website data on servers or third-party services, making it one of the most secure and reliable to use as a WordPress tool.

How to Set Up Passwordless Login in WordPress? 

Introducing passwordless WP into your WordPress website is a straightforward process. It has ease of security features which will help you to secure from hackers. 

Kindly follow the following instructions to install the passwordless WP plugin;

Download the “Passwordless WP” (Author WP Busters) from the WordPress repository.

To install the plugin, visit Plugins > Add New and enter Passwordless WP in the search bar & Install it by clicking on “Install Now” It will installing immediately.

install the passwordless WP plugin

Once the download is complete, click on the “Activate” button showing in the blue color. The plugin will activate instantly right after the pressing button. 

Passwordless WP plugin is activated in the WordPress website and is ready for configuration. 

You are now welcomed to register your token to enable the plugin. You can allow it to from Users > Profile > Passwordless Login Credentials. 

It will redirect you to another page where you can register tokens seamlessly. 

Passwordless WP plugin is activated

However, the authentication process may affect the operating system and the device you’re using to access. It will disclose effortless authentication with either Touch ID, Face ID, or a Secure PIN. Your users can add a suitable authentication method right after verifying identity, which will be used on signing in. 

After the completion of the authentication setup, your website is now secured with passwordless. Whenever you try to sign your WordPress account, it will ask you to choose “user.” Once you select the user, it will authenticate you using the method you added during the setup to your account (i.e., Face ID, Touch ID, or Secure PIN). 

This process is seamless and easy for which WordPress is known. You can make your website more secure and safe with one plugin. 

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How Passwordless WP Works?

Passwordless WP plugin works with HTTPS or a valid SSL certificate on your WordPress website. It is not required if you are testing a website on a localhost environment.

The Passwordless WP plugin works on the user level to handle user sign-in and authentication. Each user on the WordPress website will assign a different option to passwordless authentication to log in themselves effortlessly, and that’s the significant part of using it.

This adds one security layer to your WordPress website to prevent unwanted login and hackers. 

How Does a Passwordless wP Differ from Others plugins?

How Does A Passwordless Wp Differ From Others Plugins

As we discussed earlier, Passwordless WP works on the user level to provide a separate login option to each user. These features make it a unique and interesting WordPress plugin from other plugins that use OTP, SMS, Email, or another type of verification for login authentication. It will be harmful to you to authenticate yourself using these methods.

Anyone can access your WordPress account if they have access to your phone or email on other plugins, but Passwordless WP allows you to authenticate with a secure pin, face id, and touch ID. Another good news for Apple users that the safari browser now supports face ID after the fresh update of iOS 14 or macOS Big Sur. 

This way, a Passwordless WP plugin offers ease of use and makes the developer’s life simple by providing seamless authentication within a few seconds. Another best feature is that this plugin can add to any WordPress website with a few simple process steps. It’s like using any other plugins in your WordPress website and exploring the most attractive and secure features even without changing the necessary website code.

Having Passwordless WP in your WordPress website means giving yourself a tension-free and secure environment completely. Now we have discussed Passwordless WP, its installation, and features which are enough to know about everything about it. However, if you face any difficulty, kindly go through with the following frequently asked questions where you will have answers to all your problems. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Register More than One Token with Passwordless WP?

Yes, you can register multiple tokens with Passwordless WP over one device on your WordPress website. For that, you have to visit, Users > Profile > Passwordless Login Credentials and click on “Register New Token. ” 

It will again disclose the same registration window page for the token. If your device supports passwordless authentication, then you can add your device to your account.

What Authentication Method It Supports? 

The WordPress website user can add multiple authentication methods via passwordless WP plugin, including touch ID and face ID, to authenticate themselves for seamless login. Users can add another method of Secure PIN to access for authentication. 

Passwordless WP plugin works seamlessly on the Safari browser on the latest iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur update for authentication and the same user-friendly experience on Google Chrome. 

How Does Passwordless WP Better than Other Plugins?

Passwordless WP plugin is one of the top security plugins for seamless authentication and better than other WordPress plugins. Other plugins demand you to authenticate yourself using SMS, email, and by clicking the verification link. But not Passwordless WP.

You can authenticate your identity by a glance or fingerprint using the Touch ID, Face ID, or Secure PIN. As you don’t have to provide any access to devices or email, it automatically becomes one of the safest passwordless authentications for WordPress websites. 

Only people who have access to your device can sign in to the website using these methods. It adds another security layer to your WordPress website. 

Do I Need to Install Another Plugin for Passwordless Authentication? 

With Passwordless WP, not really! Because it has everything to secure you from hacker scripts and unwanted login attempts. It allows users to login via touch id, face ID, and secure PIN to authenticate, which are good enough to secure your WordPress website.

Easy installation and configuration make it one of the most convenient WordPress plugins. So it doesn’t require any other plugins as long as you have a Passwordless WP plugin. 


If you are searching to secure your WordPress website from Script and Hackers using Passwordless authentication, then the Passwordless WP plugin is one of the greatest selections for your website. It is simple, easy, and most reliable, downloaded from the WordPress repository and configured within a few easy steps.

This plugin operated on user level by providing a separate Authentication window for each user. This means there are no loopholes to compromise your security and safety. Installation is easy & quick, which is available on the WordPress repository. Just download it and activate it like any available plugin. 

Passwordless WP provides the extra layer of security and safety by preventing unwanted login attempts. You don’t have to allow any unnecessary access to use it, making it one of the unique and interesting passwordless authentication plugins. Now secure any WordPress website with this seamless method and introduce new ease of security into your website. 

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